Custom Design Interiors

Offering perspective and/or assistance pertaining to color, accessories, furniture, lighting, textile selection and artistic room layouts. Often, all that may be desired or needed is a professional eye or vision for a starting point. Consultations are a means of helping you achieve much of what you envision for your home, as needed on an hourly basis.

Full service, hands on collaboration, beginning with a consultation to establish the level of styling that interests you, developing an understanding of your life style and what you are looking to achieve aesthetically and personally within your home. Much of your history, journeys, talents and collections, combined with your feelings and hopes, create a remarkable palette for self-expression.
Styling options range from artistic and/or functional placement of accessories and furnishings to research, resourcing, selection and design of accessories, furniture, floor and wall finishes, lighting, textiles and window treatments for residential and commercial interiors and selective residential exteriors. Projects span from an individual room to entire home and office interiors.

Resourcing and introduction to a broad range of artists from furniture designers to sculptors, painters, photographers and specialty craftsmen.
Artistic planning and presentation of newly purchased and/or existing works of art, individually or by genre, collections and groupings. Sensitivity to placement of art has a profound impact on how it speaks to you.
Professional installation is offered and required for valuable works of art.

Custom designs and patterns applied to floors, walls, ceilings, textiles and furniture. When you are looking to add an element of surprise, humor, glamour or luxury, one-of-a-kind designs are a special way to express yourself within your home. These unique touches may be designed on a small or large scale and as simple or complex as you desire.

Project Management

Preparation of your home is important for optimum appeal to prospective buyers and expeditious sales. The levels of staging vary considerably. It is GR HUES opinion that minimal is best, in regard to decoration. Whereas necessary repairs and selective refreshing of floors, walls, ceilings, doors and trim, have the greatest impact both aesthetically and monetarily to a potential buyer. A preliminary consultation will help you to determine what is most important. Following a thorough walk through, suggestions will be documented and provided to you. GR HUES offers the following staging services: organization, cataloging with photos, donation and disposal, approved purchases, repairs and improvements by fully insured and licensed contractors, styling and a semi and final walk through with realtors.

Moving can be overwhelming amid your daily life, personal and professional. GR HUES offers and overseas all services related to your move from selecting and scheduling the moving companies, as well as storage (if required), to cataloging and photographing all belongings, packing and unpacking, quality control and setting up your new home down to the last detail.

As much as transitioning is a relocation service, it is most likely the greatest emotional and stressful move one will make in their life. Additionally, for the children of an aging parent or parents, the level of responsibility they take on is usually monumental. GR HUES works with the families of aging parents to make the transition gentle and smooth. Transitioning incorporates all of the relocation services and then steps to the next level, bringing a sense of calm to families who are working so hard to handle all of the crucial matters involved. Compassion and conversation throughout the transition, helps the aging hold onto the meaning and purpose of their lives. There is nothing more important, during the downsizing process, than to appreciate the value of a person and all that is important to them.

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