GR HUES considers balance as the ground from which beauty unfolds.  It is the relationship and/or contrast between one thing and another that can reveal the purest qualities in each. In the same manner, the beauty that fills our homes visually, blossoms from within, our journeys and our relationships, in all their similarities and differences.

Home is the essence of who we are.  The residences we call “home” are an extension and reflection of us. We may begin living in a small space and expand as life progresses, move many times or remain in the same home throughout life and we may find ourselves saying farewell to the home we know and love as we age.  No matter what comes to pass, it is a wonderful gift to have a home filled with peace, comfort and self-expression as well as beauty.

GR HUES approaches and facilitates each project with an artistic eye, hand and heart, offering the highest level of quality. Utmost sensitivity and importance is placed on listening and communication, embracing one’s persona, interests, desires and needs.  Whether consulting, styling interiors or transitioning a family member, it is one’s genuine self that GR HUES appreciates in all its individuality.

Our homes can gently enrich our senses and warm our hearts and minds.  What is within, is what we bring to and leave with the world.

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